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Andrei David - Digital Marketer


I’m Andrei, a tech-savvy  growth marketer spending his days around CPCs, CTRs and other weird but useful digital acronyms.
Do you want to bring more people to your website, turn them into clients, generate more sales and grow your business? I will help you!
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Companies I’ve worked with

In the last 5 years, I’ve worked with different companies, in domains such as: tech, real-estate, medical, financial, e-commerce and personal development.

What do people say about my work

“I’ve met Andrei both as a member of my team when he was working at Alpha Bank and as a partner in the G53 theatre project.
There are lots of things that I observed about him: proactivity, transparency and most of all, a positive attitude.
His skill set and values make him a valuable member for any project he gets involved in. ”

Tiberiu MercurianMarketing Director, Alpha Bank Romania

“Andrei represents exactly what it means to be a good professional.
Since he started working with us, I felt we’re exactly on the same page: he understood our wishes and always came up with a strategy that exceeded my expectations and the results are amazing.
I have only good things to say about him, because I rarely met someone with his skill set , that also gets involved passionately in every project and teams up with his clients. ”

Ursula SandnerPhD, Life-coach, Owner Sandner Mind Consulting

“I collaborated with Andrei for multiple real estate projects and from all the people I’ve worked with until now, he is by far the only one that managed to meet and exceed our expectations.
Each time, he delivered the best strategies and execution of our marketing campaigns, he was involved, dedicated and understood all our needs. Through good coordination and communication we’ve managed in less that one month to launch a nationwide campaign for one of our residential real estate projects. Thanks, Andrei!”

Andrei MarinescuOwner RE/MAX Magnum

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